Book: Geometry in Art

This book shows how geometric forms have been and     continue to be used in the Arts and in Architecture, and  also how they appear in Nature.

  This project was made possible by the generosity and   understanding of many artists who gave me permission to  use images of their work.

In Brazil I am grateful to Abraham Palatnik, Almir Mavignier, Aluísio Carvão (Aluísio Carvão Filho), Antonio Maluf (Rose Maluf), Ascânio MMM, Decio Vieira (Dulce Maria Holzmeister), Geraldo de Barros (Lenora de Barros), Helio Oiticica (Cesar Oiticica), Ivan Serpa (Yves Henrique Cardoso Serpa), João Carlos Galvão, Lothar Charoux (Adriana Charoux), Luiz Sacilotto (Valter Sacilotto), Paiva Brasil and Rubem Ludolf.

Obviously, no justice is done to the importance of their work by viewing only one or two of their artwork, as they are, without any doubt, the exponents of the art in Brazil.
I am indebted to João Carlos Galvão, for making it possible for me to establish the contacts I have in the art world.

From abroad, I acknowledge the significant contributions I received from Dick Termes, Barry Stevens, George Hart, Philippe Hurbain, Russel Towle, Steve Frisby, and Dar Freeland.
My thanks to all, hoping that I have contributed to the dissemination of geometric art.

HAM (Hamello)

Translated from the Portuguese, “Geometria nas Artes”, by
Marcelo R. M. Crespo da Silva, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Copyright © 2010 by Hilton Andrade de Mello. All rights reserved.



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That area became the heart of the Leland Stanford Junior University.

Leland Stanford and his wife Jane had a son, Leland Jr., who died of typhoid in 1884 at age 15. That motivated them to create something that would benefit other children, thus emerging the idea of creating a university named in honor of their son.

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